Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ms Girlee's Soulfood Restaurant


While traveling down I-240 
I exited on Danny Thomas Blvd, headed
to where it intersected with 629 Chelsea Avenue. 
This is a part of Uptown, and a historical little strip.  This is where Sun Studios and Select-o hits originated.  

Ms Girlee's Soul Food Restaurant has made
their own history. You can go to Ms Girlee's  
Monday-Saturday, for some southern styled home cooking. 

Fried Chicken, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Greens and Corn Muffins

Ms Girlee's Soul Food selections are fried chicken, baked chicken, neckbones, hamburger steaks, meatloaf, oxtails, turkey necks, pork chops, lasagna, smothered chicken, pig feet, chitterlings, chicken and dressing, catfish, buffalo fish, bbq turkey leg, and bbq ribs.

The vegetables are greens, yams, cabbage, fried corn, lima beans, boiled okra, cabbage, creamed potatoes, pinto beans, okra, potatoes with cheese, field peas, blackeyed peas, northern beans, macaroni, rice,spaghetti, slaw, pole beans, baked beans, and sweet peas. 


Lemon cake, banana pudding, butter roll, peach cobbler
homemade brownies


Side order items, come as follows, one vegetable, two vegetables, three vegetables, side of chitterlings, regular meat, pork chop, 2 peices of meat.

Ms Girlee's Soulfood Restaurant
Daily Menu Mon-Sat 11am-4pm

click the day of the week for menu

Once named Melanie's Restaurant it was located in North Memphis.  Jimmie Leach had a vision of having a family owned restaurant.  She started her business with very little money in hand.  A purchase of regular restaurant furniture, a stove, pots, pans, tumblers, napkins, and a cash register, and of course food, and she was in business.  Her, husband, sister, five children pitched in.  With the help of her Mother Girlee Smith, and many grandchildren, Melanie's Restaurant was born.

Years later, after, the murder of a Chinese born merchant across the street from the restaurant, the decision was made to stay at the N. Watkins location.  

Melanie's Restaurant became the go to location for not only the people in the neighborhood, but from all over the city.  City Hall, Federal Express, Memphis City Schools, Churches, Police and Firefighters.  You even saw the neighborhood street people.  Melanie's was home to everyone, and no matter what the element was Melanie's was given the respect that you would give Mama.

Entertainer's when in Memphis always stopped by Melanie's.  It was a big surprise when Stevie Wonder walked thru the doors one day.

After a fire burned thru the strip where Melanie's was located, the family did not know whether they would rebuild, or even whether they would reopen at another location.  The restaurant is now open as Ms Girlee's Soulfood Restaurant.  


  1. This was BY FAR the best food we had while in Memphis! The folks working the restaurant were pleasant and very welcoming. You will not be disappointed.

  2. This was BY FAR the best food we had while in Memphis! The folks working the restaurant were pleasant and very welcoming. You will not be disappointed.

  3. I ate some of Ms. Girlie's food for the first time, and I have never tasted such perfect greens and yams. My goodness. Greens were perfectly cooked, not too much salt and loved the turkey meat. The yams were just sweet enough without tasting like pound cake. Wonderful!!! I will be back for sure.

  4. Darvin and Angela Johnson,South Carolina this is an amazing restaurant worth making a trip to Memphis Tennessee!!!! We received much more than wonderful food we were given history kindiness and love this family is amazing we made friends for life!!!!!

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